Christopher Rogers


Position Sought:

 Technical Artist / Game Tools Developer / Technical Director / Pipeline Developer


Programming Skills:

          30+ years 3D graphics and animation programming including:

About Me:

As a technical artist/director, I really like to help artists get their job done as quick as possible at the best quality possible.  I write tools for artists in Maya, and link all of these tools to the asset and production tracking systems, often working with producers as much as artists. I also love visual technical problem solving and technical asset creation and in general, learning new things.

Relevant Work Experience:

March 2019 to Present

Staff Technical Artist

Warner Brothers Games

San Francisco, CA

I am currently writing shaders for AR face filters for Wizards Unite, fixing and updating animation tools and setting up some character pipeline stuff for a new game.

June 2018 to March 2019

Contract Software Engineer

Anki, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

On the animation tools team for the robot Vector, I helped the animators with animation tools in Maya and Python, scripts to test animation on the robots, tools to optimize the animation file sizes, and maintaining legacy projects such as an artist tool in C# and robot simulation tests in C++.  I also did some R&D involving computer vision, animation, augmented reality, Vector’s Python SDK and physics simulations of robots.

February 2017 to September 2017

Senior Technical Artist

Wavedash Games

Oakland, CA

Jack-of-all-trades tech artist at startup Wavedash Games.  I rigged several characters, modified lots of existing rigs, profiled the art assets, wrote VFX preview/authoring tools, character pipeline tools, documentation, shaders, and worked on lighting for characters and environments for a Unity game on the PC.

May 2015 to Feb 2016

Contract Senior Technical Artist

Play Studios

Burlingame, CA

I provided Unity pipeline tools involving:

Photoshop to Unity (live art updates on device for artists)

Modo rigged character to Maya rigged character

Maya character animation to Unity animated characters

June 2013 to August 2014

Senior Technical Artist


San Francisco, CA

At KIXEYE I have focused on pipeline tools involving Maya, Perforce, JIRA, Python, Unity, C#, Unreal and Physx. I used and  wrote profiling tools on windows, did some R&D related to destructibles, did some vehicle rigging for Unreal, fixed bugs in the effects tools, wrote server and client side asset management tools and wrote Maya modeling tools.

September 2012 to April 2013

Senior Art Technical Director


San Francisco, CA

My focus was pipeline tools, asset management and production tracking. I wrote Python code that made use of PyQT, Maya, Mari, Perforce, and Shotgun. Specifically I collaborated on a system to go from an outside vendor checking assets into our perforce, rendering a turntable in Maya, making a version in Shotgun, exporting FBX’s and making an Unreal package automatically.

May 2012 to July 2012

Contract Senior Technical Director

Bento Box Interactive

Playa Del Rey, CA

Maya to Unity tools in MEL and Javascript. Asset debugging. Outsourcing documentation. iOS Unity performance profiling. Unity shaders, particle effects. Data driven story playback tools in Javascript.

August 2011 to March 2012

Senior Technical Artist

Superbot Entertainment

Culver City, CA

Tools programming, performance monitoring, debugging and adding features to the game tools in C#. Python/PyMEL/MEL scripting, build scripts, technical art asset creation.

August 2005 to March 2010

Senior Technical Artist

Sony Computer Entertainment America

San Diego, CA

Technical Artist on the MLB game for PS2, PSP and PS3. Created character modeling tools (MEL), pipeline tools (MEL, Perl, C,C++), texture tools (Javascript for Photoshop and C) and web based asset tracking tools (HTML, SQL, Perl, Javascript). Examples include automated hi-res scan re-meshing tools, blendshape character modeling tools for both in-house artists and the in-game "create-a-player", procedural modeling and rigging tools, conversion and export scripts, and web server based asset management tools. Also optimized existing pipeline, wrote artist documentation, assisted in problem solving, and verified assets were created correctly.

June 2002 to June 2004

Freelance Web Developer

Goldfinger Creative

Atlanta, GA

I programmed HTML, Flash and Perl for Web clients.

June 2001 to June 2002

Freelance Animator

Mutagen Visuals

Atlanta, GA

I created motion graphics sequences using Maya and Shake for business and entertainment clients.

October 2000 to February 2001

Freelance Tools / MEL Programmer

Giant Studios

Atlanta, GA

I programmed various system and graphics related tools using MEL, Tcl/Tk, Perl, C and C++. I helped problem solve with Maya, Shake, XSI and Mental Ray. Maintained and secured Linux systems. I worked on projects including a MEL script to paint spring values on a softbody dynamics pelting system, movie playing tools using C, 3D file format translation tools in Perl, and project management tools in Perl and Tcl/Tk. Used Shake and fixed broken Shake scripts.

June 2000 to June 2001

Freelance C++ Programmer

ABI Multimedia

Athens, GA

I created a multimedia (image, Flash with transitions and AVI) advertisement display engine using C++ running under Linux and a content distribution system using Perl and Apache. I designed and implemented the entire system.

December 1998 to September 2000

Freelance Web Developer

Clients included Georgia Southern University, Earthlink and

October 1999 to May 2000

Web Programmer

Mindspring Web Design/Earthlink Web Development

Atlanta, GA

Worked for Mindspring's Web Design department as a Perl programmer and Linux system administrator. Programmed webserver and database backend for outside clients of Mindspring's.

March 1998 to September 1998

UNIX and Windows NT System Administrator and Tools Programmer

Computer Art Department, Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah, GA

Administered 100 Unix (Irix and Linux) and 30 Windows NT machines for the Computer Art Department. This included troubleshooting, new system setup, software updates, writing system tools such as automated software installations and user account management using Tcl/Tk and several 3D graphics related tools such as a Maya (on Windows NT using VC++) plugin to export data to the game content creation package Motivate and a Softimage plugin (on Irix) in C++ to export RIB files for use with Renderman.

July 1994 to February 1995 and December 1996 to June 1997

Freelance 2D/3D Character Animator and Modeler

Digital Post and Graphics (later Modern Digital)

Seattle, WA

I did 3D character animation and modeling for a Sierra Online's King's Quest video game introduction. Alias was used to do the modeling and most of the animation on the project, and 2D animations for Microsoft CD-ROMs.

October 1995 to June 1996

Freelance 3D Character Animator, Modeler and Tools Programmer

Zombie Virtual Reality Entertainment

Seattle, WA

I was a 3D character animator and tools programmer on ZPG.  I created animations in Maya and wrote tools to render these to spritesheets. Also, I wrote a 3D animation previewer using OpenGVS, an asset browser using shell scripts and Apache on an SGI and a Renderman shader that shaded like a woodcut.

March 1995 to September 1995

3D Modeler and Tools Programmer

BOSS Game Studios

Redmond, WA

I modeled environments for game prototypes.  I also wrote some system tools and a Renderman Shader for molten metal effects rendered in Blue Moon Rendering Tools.

March 1992 to June 1994

Graphics Lab Technician

University Computing and Networking Services

University of Georgia

Athens, GA

I worked in the university Visualization lab.  My tasks included system administration on SGI computers, learned and taught students and staff Alias, assisted in some industrial design and scientific visualization, and output services including color printers, 35mm film recorders and BetaCam video cassette recorder.

June 1987 to December 1987

Freelance Programmer - Application Developer

Savannah Psychological Associates

Savannah, GA

I created a software application on the Apple2 to evaluate a psychological test called the MMPI. This involved writing the specification, creating the database, creating the user interface, writing the program logic, performing most of the quality assurance and maintaining the application for about 1 year.


1990 to 1994

Sculpture Major

University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Studied sculpture and computer art.

1986 to 1990

Statesboro High School

Statesboro, GA

Studied art with a college preparatory diploma.

1980 to 1986

Marvin Pittman Laboratory School

Statesboro, GA

Intensively studied in a gifted art program under Dr. Rosalind Ragans, 1990 National Art Educator of the Year. Won a District Grand Prize in the Science Fair for a computer programming related project and attended a gifted math camp at Duke University.